Moon Camera Up For Auction March 22, 2014

By Tim Luke

Moon Camera Up For Auction March 22, 2014

The camera used during NASA's Apollo 15 mission to the moon and used by astronaut Jim Irwin will be sold at auction in March by Westlicht Gallery.  

The auction of the Hassselblad 500 "HEDC" will also be on and you can click the link here to watch the sale, see the description or find out after the sale what the piece ultimately sells for. 

The provenance of the camera is spot on with photos from NASA confirming the camera up for auction was the one used during the mission.  This is the only camera of the 14 NASA sent to the moon during Apollo Missions 11 - 17 to have been brought back to earth.  The reason is that weight being a factor, the astronauts left the cameras behind to load up on moon rocks for research.

NASA typically stops auctions of artifacts used from their missions so it will be interesting to see if this sale is allowed to continue.  With a pre-sale auction estimate of $200,000 - 270,000, the results should be, "out of this world!"

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