TreasureQuest Group, Inc. TreasureQuest Group, Inc.

Greg Strahm, BAS and TreasureQuest Group and Associates, CAI, BAS, MPPA bring 26+ years of experience to solve client's problems. 

Providing expertise and personalized service to help clients with the:

  • Appraisal of Personal Property or Collections
  • Appraisal of Event Strategy
  • Appraisal of Fundraising Effectiveness

"Providing Clients Necessary Information To Make Informed Decisions."

Auction, appraisal, benefit auctions, consignment and consultation services are offered.

Call today for more information - (772) 546-4853.

Greg Strahm, BAS

Greg Strahm, BAS

"Just because it’s old ... doesn’t mean it’s valuable."

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TreasureQuest Group and Associates
CAI, BAS, MPPA: FL Auction License #AU 2418

FL Business Auction License #AB 1839